Anyone who has ever needed a website for a business, has had the struggle of converting website views into clientele. Google Analytics shows hundreds or thousands of hits, but you aren’t generating any revenue from them. You have the traffic, now it is time to start turning that traffic into a positive for your business.

Make A 2 Way Connection

With a website, the information is always going one way, from the website to the viewer. When the connection goes both ways, the chance of creating a client from that view grows exponentially.

Respond As Fast As Possible

The average time is between 5 and 10 minutes. That is how fast a business who lands a client responds to their questions. If you aren’t responding to your customers within that time frame, someone else has already earned their business.

Answer Their Question

This may seem obvious, but even if their question is a complicated one, answer it in some way. A simple acknowledgement of the question can go an extremely long way, in letting the client know that someone is listening to them and that someone is working on getting them the specific answer that they require.

Get A Preferred Point Of Contact

While there are still many website viewers that prefer phone calls, the vast majority have been shown to prefer texts and emails. Finding out which works best for your potential client can shift their focus on you, instead of the competition. This doesn’t mean that you should only use that avenue, but if you know which works best, use that method first and foremost.

Use An Email Drip Follow Up System

An Email Drip System is a email marketing function that automatically follows up with your customers after certain time frames, such as 30 days, 60 days or even 90 day intervals. You never know when a client might decide to pull the trigger, and using a follow up system will keep customers from falling through the cracks.

While these tips are just a few of many, turning your website viewers into clients is critical for surviving the new age of entrepreneurship. If you would like to learn more in order to really bring your business ahead of the crowd, contact us and allow Fort Web Development an opportunity to earn your business.