This is my first post to my brand new Web Development website. Welcome! And Thank you for stopping by! I expect a long journey ahead, as I am finally launching my very own web development business. My goal is to provide my family, friends and community with efficient, easy to use and visually appealing websites. The internet is no longer a suggested way of advertising. It has become a staple to every business, even those with brick and mortar storefront.

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

I know that there are millions of web developers out there, and the technology used is just as overwhelming. Should you use HTML, CSS and Javascript? What about libraries or frameworks, such as Express, Vue, React, Redux, etc.? The list is never ending when it comes to web development. You can even use frameworks for Python, C# or Ruby, such as Django, Flask or Rails. If you are wondering where to get started, you are not alone. I look forward to providing answers, tips and tricks and even some trade secrets along the way.